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Trips Around Litomysl

Toulovec Stables
Nove Hrady Castle

For trips outside of Litomysl, please take our invitation to these places:

Toulovec Stables (Toulovcovy Mastale) - located 15 kms from Litomysl is a protected natural area measuring 1083.6 hectares. The cliffs are formed from cretaceous limestone of ocean origin formed over centuries into bizarre shapes. The area is associated with the tale of the robber knight Lawrence Toulovec, that hid here in the cliff seams with his entourage. For beautiful scenery pictures please click phptogallery.

The castle Nove Hrady - situated 15 kms from Litomysl. The original castle was built on a hill in the mid-15th century. The entire hill was subsequently made into a park. The new castle was built in 1774-1777 by Jeanem-Antoinem Harbuvalem de Chamaré, and materials taken from the old castle were used in its construction. In 1804 the entire rococo castle area was completed, and this has been preserved in its original state to this day. Please take a look at the following photogallery to see even more of so called "Czech Versailles".

The ruins Kosumberk - 25 kms away from Litomysl. The castle was built in around 1300 on the cliff over the Novohradka valley. Burnt in 1573 the Slavat from Chlum and Kosumberk family, who owned the building, rebuilt the castle in a renaissance style. After the Thirty Years' War, during which the Slavat family was reduced to poverty, the castle was sold to the Jesuits of Hradec Kralove. The last owners were the Thurn und Taxis family. Today the ruins are open to the public, and in the burgrave building there is a museum with a collection of items related to the castle.

Rose Meadow - 7 kms from Litomysl there is a memorial park (about 340 m2) close to the village of Morasice, where a rare type of rose Rosa Gallica can be found. There are many tales connected with the area, for example the parting with the exiled Czechs after the Battle of the White Mountain in 1620. In 1921 a memorial to the memory of the Czech Brothers and Jan Amos Komensky was unveiled.

Nedosin Wood - this state national reservation located 3 kms from Litomysl, measuring 30.7 ha, was set up for the protection of a wood made up of oaks and hornbeam trees. Together with the neighbouring fishponds this area is of great ornithological interest. Originally feudal hunting grounds "Vraticka" were turned into a romantic park with numerous pavilions and temples at the beginning of the 19th century. Until 1856 it was the site of students' May celebrations (a basis for Alois Jirasek's novel "Philosophical History"). Today we can only see the remains of the stone chapel of St. Anthony above the spring. Through the wood there is an educational nature path with nine stops.

Kozlov - a small village located 9 kms from Litomysl. Kozlov is connected with the works of the painter Max Svabinsky (1873-1962), who lived here before the First World War in the cottage belonging to the Vejrych family. On its wooden west gable there is an original painting - two petitioners and St. Wenceslas in a floral ornament. In the cottage there are many authentic documents recording the life and work of the artist.

Litomysl's nearest towns in the neighbourhood are Usti nad Orlici, Ceska Trebova, Svitavy and Policka. These are perfect destinations stops for half-day trips. You can use either public transport or rent a car.

Should you wish to plan your personal travel itinerary, please fill in your Personal Travel Itinerary.

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