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Smetana's Litomysl Seating Plans

Litomysl Castle
Castle Baroque Theatre

Smetana's Litomysl International Opera Festival concerts and performance venues take place mainly at Litomysl's Castle, the Church of the Holly Cross and Smetana's House.

Total capacity:1,266 seats
V.I.P.134 seatsB536 seats
A252 seatsC344 seats

Litomysl Castle - Second Courtyard with retractable roofing

The plans show the full seating capacity of the area. No tickets are sold for Rows 1 to 6 for Opera Performances. Sector C is not fully sheltered from the rain. To view the seating plan of the Second Litomysl's Castle Courtyard, please click here.

Total capacity:2,198 seats
V.I.P.-B598 seats
A404 seatsC520 seats
D676 seats--

Litomysl Castle - Amphitheatre

The largest festival venue surrounded by natural environment. To view the seating plan of Litomysl Castle Amphitheatre, please click here.

Total capacity:135 seats
V.I.P.28 seatsB20 seats
A46 seatsC41 seats

Litomysl Castle - Small Baroque Theatre

The most charming place that takes you back into the past and let you enjoying atmosphere of Renaissance epoque while listening beautiful tones …. To view the seating plan of the Small Baroque Litomysl's Castle Theatre, please click here.

Total capacity:487 seats
A205 seatsC164 seats
B118 seats--

Smetana's House

The Smetana's House in Litomysl is a masterpiece of neo-gothic architecture with art nouveau elements. A. Popp and O. Walter carried out the exterior plastic decoration. This magnificent exterior is reflected by the rich interior décor. More about the Smetana's House in Litomysl.

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