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Restaurants in Litomysl

Restaurant Pod Klasterem
Restaurant Karlov

The Czech Republic is known mainly through incredible variety of dumplings, pork, sauerkraut, and beer. Czech cuisine is far away from being called dietary. Anyway, should you wish to explore the country in depth, you cannot exclude local cuisine specialities. Therefore, you should try a national meal (dumplings, pork and sauerkraut), or a potato soup with mushrooms. Tourists have discovered another dish that seems to be appealing a lot: a fried cheese with fresh boilt potatoes and a tartar sauce. You better order some beer with it to promote digestion. For a coffee break we recommend tasting some sweet cake such as apple-strudel or tartlets with various fillings (ground sweet poppy-seeds, a sweet cottage cheese, or a plum jam). There is no special kind of coffee, just a way some people drink it and that is pour hot water into a mug with ground coffee. It is called a Turkey coffee. When drinking a tea, do together with a fresh lemon juice and sugar, or a honey. Then your dining experience will be complete.

In Litomysl, we recommend to your attention the following places:

Restaurant Karlov
Stylish, delicious food, good selection of Moravian and French Wines, both International and Czech cuisine
Beer: Pilsner Urguell, Gambrinus, Velvet
Address: Smetana Hall, Litomysl

Restaurant - Pension Pod Klasterem
Cozy place, Czech cuisine, good selection of Moravian and French Wines
Beer: Pilsner Urquel, Kozel, Erdinger
Address: Toulovec Square, Litomysl

Restaurant - Hotel Zlata hvezda
Fish specialities, Czech and Italian cuisine
Beer: Gambrinus
Address: Smetana Square 84, Litomysl

Restaurant - Pension Bludicka
Czech cuisine, good selection of Moravian and French Wines
Beer: Pilsner Urquel, Bernard, Velvet
Address: Marakova 651, Litomysl

Usual opening hours are from 11 am to 10 pm.

Should you wish to make a reservation or any special dining arrangements at the above listed restaurants in Litomysl, please let us know at helpdesk@smetanaoperafestival.com.

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