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Smetana's Litomysl Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets

Tickets are sold as orders arrive on a first-come-first-served basis until the seating capacity is fully booked up.
Reja s.r.o. follows Smetana's Litomysl organizer Terms and Conditions described here. Reja s.r.o. intermediates tickets orders on the basis of a duly filled-in order form only. Tickets within the Czech Republic can be mailed by return COD or sold directly at Smetana's Litomysl pre-sales ticket office. Foreign customers will be invoiced, and upon receipt of a full payment on our side, will receive ordered tickets. The tickets can be delivered via post, or collected at the hotel where a customer is staying, for a service charge. A customer shall provide a full address as well as a contact phone number to ensure tickets' delivery. We are not responsible for any damage or loss during a delivery service.
Remaining tickets will be for sale 90 minutes prior to the respective performance of concert, at the place of the event.
Tickets, once purchased, are non-refundable and non- exchangeable.
Tickets may be refunded only if the event, for which the tickets are purchased, is cancelled. Claims are to be made at Smetana's Litomysl box office, Jiraskova 133 (Litomysl‘s Castle), Litomysl, within one month of the date of the event. Postage shall not be refunded.
Ticket forgery is forbidden and is subject to legal prosecution.

2. Entry to Festival Events

A visitor to a performance or concert is obliged to respect organizers's instructions.
It is forbidden to bring tape recorders, film cameras, still cameras or videocameras to the performance or concert premises. It is forbidden to make any sound, film, photographic or video recordings even for private purposes.
Smoking or using cellular phones is forbidden during all performances and concerts. Smoking is allowed during intermissions in reserved areas only.
Performances and concerts taking place at the castle amphitheatre or in the castle‘s 2nd courtyard are held in natural environments and may be affected by weather conditions (cold, rain, etc...). The festival organizer recommends taking these conditions into account when choosing clothing. The 2nd Courtyard is covered by a roofing, thus in the case of light rain the program shall not be interrupted. Sector C may not be fully protected from rainshowers!
Should for the reasons of weather a performance be moved from the Amphitheatre to the 2nd Courtyard, only the Sector A and B ticketholders may participate, as the auditorium capacity is limited. Sector C and D ticketholders will be refunded.
Due to the nature of the event and the lenght of the concert, the organizer recommends that it should not be attended by children of less than 10 years of age, while pre-school children will not be admitted to the auditorium at all.
The festival visitor is required to occupy their seat in the audience no less than 30 minutes before the actual beginning of the concert or performance. No entry to the auditorium will be allowed after the beginning, until the scheduled intermission.

3. General Conditions

The visitor expressly agrees that photographs, films or video recordings with their appearance made during the event or in connection therewith may be used by means of any present or future technical method without any remuneration claim or time and place limitation.
The event organizer reserves the right to change the cast of a concert or performance or the place of the event.
In the event of changing the time of a concert or performance, the organizer is obliged to communicate this immediately to the customer where properly filled-in order forms or an address are available.
During the festival, tours of the Litomysl Castle are limited. It is recommended to groups that they book their guided tours in advance.

4. Accommodation and other Travel Products

REJA s.r.o. intermediates accommodation and other travel products' bookings on the basis of a duly filled-in order form only. Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions.
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